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Protecting Love Seekers in Utah: Changes to Online Dating Apps Aim to Increase Safety

With the start of 2021, a fresh batch of laws have taken effect in Utah, one of which, House Bill 18, seeks to increase safety for online daters. Sponsored by Representative Angela Romero (D-Salt Lake City), the bill was signed by Governor Spencer Cox and officially became law on Monday.

A Closer Look at HB18:

Post the amazing findings of a Brigham Young University study which showed how sexual predators are preying on victims through dating apps, Reps. Romero wanted to take a stand to protect the vulnerable. She said in an interview, “If I save one person’s life, or if I prevent someone from being sexually assaulted, then I’ve done my job as an elected official.”

Scout Stevens and Brandon Johnson, a couple who met on a dating app and have been together for almost five years, spoke about the law in positive light. They said, “The study was pretty alarming on sexual assaults that happen when people meet on dating apps, and they tend to be a little bit more violent.”

Features of the Law:

HB18 stipulates that all dating apps in Utah need to explicitly state that they conduct background checks and warn users about potential dangers of online dating. Plus, they must inform users if the person they are conversing with has been banned from the platform. Additionally, the law institutes a process to allow users to report incidents of theft and violence.

The Bottom Line:

Rep. Angela Romero’s bill looks to create more transparency and awareness surrounding online dating in Utah while also helping to protect innocent users from becoming victims of sexual assault or theft. It’s an effort which has seen unanimous support, and she believes that the new law will make a lifesaving difference for dating app users in the state.